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The Kodak R&D Retirees Lunch Group meets each fall and each spring. We have been meeting for over forty years. It is a great opportunity to see old friends, enjoy an excellent lunch, and learn interesting information from top Kodak executives and local experts.

The group is open to all retirement eligible professionals who worked in research and development at Kodak and left the company. 

If you are not already on the list and would like to be included in future mailings, let us know. New email address? Let us know that, too!

The steering committee for the group is Gary Einhaus, Gary Fritz, Terry Lund, Jim Patton, Liz Patton, Glen Pearson, Bob Shanebrook and Jim Weaver. Gary Einhaus is now the major domo of the group.
Kodak R&D Retirees Lunch Group

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1983  Photo Directory
Roger Nelson shared a copy of the KRL Photo Directory from 1983 with lab by lab photos of all professionals and secretaries in the labs. Click here to see it. 

The file takes a minute or so 
 download since it is large. The file is searchable by name (Control-F or Cmd-F)

History of Electrophotography at Kodak Available
Gordon Jarvis was the first researcher at Kodak to work on electrophotography. The man who was there from the beginning wrote a wonderful history of electrophotography at Kodak in 1988. If you worked at Kodak and would like a PDF of this history, click here.
Former Kodaker Brad Paxton wrote a fascinating book celebrating the best Kodak moments of the last 50 years in electronic and digital technology. Here is the untold story of Kodak's pioneering efforts in the field of electronic imaging during the last third of the 20th century that eventually set the stage for how people capture, enjoy, and share images today. From the 1960s through the 1990s Kodak was an electronic-equipment powerhouse and digital pioneer -- from the development of Cold War spy

camera technology and the Lunar Orbiter and mirrors for the Hubble Telescope to the invention of the first digital still camera, Photo CD, and early digitization and restoration of motion pictures, including Disney's Snow White. An interesting, fun read - available at  Amazon.

GEH seeking technology demonstrations
George Eastman House is interested in receiving donations of early devices that were used to demonstrate technology. It does not matter if the technology was ever commercialized. They do not want examples of the products that were sold but rather the laboratory demonstration equipment. If you can help, please contact 

Mr. Todd Gustavson
George Eastman House
Phone: (585) 271-3361 x369
Email: tgustavson@geh.org

Volunteers Needed to excite youth on Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)
The Rochester Engineering Society is seeking volunteers to help school teachers instruct and students learn the excitement of STEM with real world applications. Please read their brochure. Interested? Contact Jon Kriegel, Volunteer Coordinator. 

Our next lunch featurea Michael 
Shamiyeh whose has been investigating Kodak's response to technological disruption. He reviewed several thousand documents, talked with more than one hundred insiders, and retraced the company’s financials back to the early 1970s. In his talk, he will present his findings

Penfield Country Club chosen as our new "home." 
Our membership had enjoyed attending lunches at Oak Hill Country Club for many years. Unfortunately, Oak Hill increased lunch prices about 50% to the point where we would have to charge attendees nearly $40. The steering committee felt that was too much. A few "trade trials" at the Penfield Country Club show them to be an excellent alternative at an affordable price.
on the reasons for the company’s failure concluding with lessons learned from Kodak – a company he considers to be a pioneer that certainly shaped the digital revolution.

The lunch and talk are on Wednesday, October 12 at the Penfield Country Club. To attend, send $21 to Gary Fritz (cash or check payable to Gary) no later than Friday, Oct 7. Gary's address is 4325 Lake Road, Williamson NY 14589

    11:15 Socialize (cash bar)
    12:00 Lunch
    12:45 Speaker