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The Kodak R&D Retirees Lunch Group meets each fall and each spring. We have been meeting for nearly fifty years. It is a great opportunity to see old friends, enjoy an excellent lunch, and learn interesting information from top Kodak executives and local experts.

The group is open to all retirement eligible professionals who worked in research and development at Kodak and left the company. 

If you are not already on the list and would like to be included in future mailings, let us know. New email address? Let us know that, too!

The steering committee for the group is Gary Einhaus, Gary Fritz, Terry Lund, Jim Patton, Liz Patton, Glen Pearson, Bob Shanebrook and Jim Weaver. Gary Einhaus is now the major domo of the group.
Kodak R&D Retirees Lunch Group

Announcing Bob Shanebrook's "Making KODAK Film, 2nd Edition"

The first edition provided a great deal of information that had never been published. Nearly all of the additional information in the new book has never been published. Certainly never gathered together in a comprehensive explanation of film manufacturing.The book includes:
1. History of film base manufacturing including American Film, cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate, Estar Base and others.
2. Expanded discussion of historic and modern emulsion making processes and equipment.
3. History of coating technology and expanded discussion of curtain coating including photographs of an operating Kodak curtain coater and the thread-up path of Kodak’s Building 38 Film Coating Machine.
4. Expanded description and photographs of finished film configurations and the finishing processes. Of special interest is motion picture film finishing using high speed T-perforators.
5. Detailed descriptions of photographic film image forming mechanisms for black-and-white films, color negative films, Ektachrome Films, and Kodachrome Films.  
6. Technical descriptions and history of Kodak Films that are used for consumer, professional, motion picture, x-ray, micrographic, graphic, aerial, and scientific applications.
7. Description of past and current Kodak Worldwide manufacturing plants, interactions between the plants, and technology transfers.  
8. First-hand description of working in Kodak’s film business in the 1980’s. 
9. Information based on private communications with over 100 photographic experts. 
10. Addition of over 225 photographs and diagrams.
11. Identification of sources of information; over 600 footnoted references.
12. A table of figures and an index to facilitate finding information in the book.

The book is 470 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches and four-color printed on 80-pound gloss paper. It is gloss-film lamination hard-cover bound. Shipping weight is 5 pounds. It was printed and bound in Rochester NY, USA

The price of the book is $125. In addition, there is a $15 shipping charge and sales tax for NY State delivery. If requested, books will be signed by the author.

Check or money order:

Robert Shanebrook
439 Avondale Road
Rochester, NY 14622

International:  All prices in US dollars. I charge what USPS charges for shipping. USPS flat rate shipping is about the same for 1, 2, or 3 books to many countries. Contact me at makingKODAKfilm@yahoo.com

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History of Electrophotography at Kodak Available
Gordon Jarvis was the first researcher at Kodak to work on electrophotography. The man who was there from the beginning wrote a wonderful history of electrophotography at Kodak in 1988. If you worked at Kodak and would like a PDF of this history, click here.
Penfield Country Club chosen as our new "home." 
Our membership had enjoyed attending lunches at Oak Hill Country Club for many years. Unfortunately, Oak Hill increased lunch prices about 50% to the point where we would have to charge attendees nearly $40. The steering committee felt that was too much. A few "trade trials" at the Penfield Country Club show them to be an excellent alternative at an affordable price.
This is a substantial expansion of the first edition. The first edition's 94 pages provided a high level view of the technology used to provide silver halide films. The positive response encouraged me to write a second edition with much more in-depth coverage of the subject. To gather information, I consulted over 100 photographic film experts. This resulted in a 470-page book that includes an additional 225 illustrations and over 600 footnoted references. Check out the website!


at a dinner on October 11 at Red Fedele’s Brook House Restaurant, 920 Elmridge Center Drive, Greece (Rochester) from 5:30—8:30 pm.

Several of the 50 year members are past Kodak R/D scientists. The complete list includes

50 year Members
  • Dr. Robert Kenneth Boeckman Jr.
  • Dr. Robert Edward Booms
  • Dr. George J. Burgmaier
  • Mr. David William Crane
  • Dr. Richard Lee Daubendiek
  • Dr. Mary Helen Delton
  • Dr. Stephen Lawrence Gaudioso
  • Dr. Richard Paul Henzel
  • Mr. C. Michael Reimringer
  • Dr. Terry Dale Spittler
  • Prof. Philip Mark Warner
60 year Members
  • Dr. John B. Bourke

In addition, the Rochester section is also recognizing special award recipients. The list includes
  • 2017 High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year—Ms. Heather Pero
  • 2017 Rochester Section ACS Volunteerism Award—Dr. Maryann Mendel
  • 2017 Salutes to Excellence Award—Mr. Glen Labenski
  • 2017 ACS Fellows from the Rochester Section—Dr. James Reynolds
  • 2017 Award for Entrepreneur of the Year (New Award) —Dr. Kenneth Reed

We are honored to recognize Dr. Kenneth Reed as the first recipient for Entrepreneur of the Year. Reed is credited for 4 start-up companies after he left Kodak. 

For more information on this event or to make reservations, please visit this site. The deadline for reservations is October 9th

This event is open to members and non-members.  Contact Maryann Mendel for more info.
If you know someone that might want to join the lunch or be added to our mailing list, please have them contact us by clicking here. 
Our September 28th lunch speaker was Jeff Clark, CEO of Eastman Kodak since 2014. Jeff gave a very honest and insightful overview of the opportunities and challenges facing Kodak. And he reminded the retirees that the pension fund was in excellent shape! Terry Taber (CTO) and Nancy Ferris (Director of Research) attended the lunch as well.
Special tour of GEM for KRL Retirees members.
Bob Shanebrook has arranged for a special behind the scenes tour of the George Eastman Museum on May 10, 2018.  Even those that visit GEM regularly will see and hear new and interesting information. Mark the date on your calendar. More information will follow in the coming months.
​Jeannette Klute Exhibit Opens at RIT on October 5th.
RIT is launching a chapbook series highlighting RIT Archive Collections.  The first featured book is "A Photographic Pioneer" by Jeannette Klute.  Klute attended RIT, worked at Eastman Kodak Company, and used the Dye Transfer process developed at Kodak for her images of plants and animals in their natural setting.    

There is an exhibition of Klute’s work on the RIT campus. The large format images are stunning. The opening reception is 4pm - 7pm on Thursday, October 5th. 

Jeannette Klute: A Photographic Pioneer

Exhibit runs October 5th - November 3rd
William Harris Gallery
3rd Floor, Gannett Hall
Rochester Institute of Technology

ACS                         Lecture on November 13 on OLED's

Dr. Marina Kondakova, Director of Device Formulation at OLEDWorks, and formerly at KRL, will give a lecture in the Rochester ACS Section’s Chemistry in Emerging Technologies
Lecture Series on Monday, November 13 entitled

White Organic Light‐Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) -
Materials, Device Architectures and Applications

The lecture is held in room 10 of Peckham Hall at Nazareth
College at 7 pm followed by a reception from 8:15-9:30 pm.  The event is open to the public. Click here for more info.  

OLEDWorks is a company co-founded by 2 former KRL members,
John Hamer and Michael Boroson, that is developing OLED-based lighting. Notably, about a third of the companies presenting lectures in this series, have been founded by former
KRL members or employ former KRL scientists in technology leadership positions.   The legacy of KRL lives!
The Rochester Section of the American Chemical Society is honoring 50 & 60 year members